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My part o' Presentation...

I'll pick up after Candice using App Share to show some various communities around LJ that focus on the library.  I'm going to look at:
  • Informative - LibraryLovers and LibraryGrrrls
  • Unique - Overhead at the Library and Amusing Things Patrons Say and Do in the Library Environment
  • Complain-y - As per our practice session, I actually won't share specific sites due to inappropriate language/nature... But class can do a "libraries" search to find a few other library communities that do a significant amount of complaining

Literacy Luncheon

What's happening @ the library:

Literacy Luncheon

Help give the gift of literacy by attending our annual fundraising luncheon on Friday, May 1st at 11:30 am. This year's luncheon features special guest speaker Gina Nahai, the best-selling author of Sunday’s Silence, Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith, Cry of the Peacock and now… Caspian Rain.

For ticket information or other details, contact NBPL Literacy Services at 949.717.3874 or literacy@city.newport-beach.ca.us


Borrowed from the City of Newport Beach Public Library. http://www.city.newport-beach.ca.us/nbpl/


PreSchool PJ Storytime


In honor of National Library Week, stories will be read by Newport Beach City Manager Homer Bludau.

Children from age 3 through 7 can enjoy just-before-bed storytelling fun. Don’t forget to come in your pjs!

Borrowed from the City of Newport Beach Public Library

Presentation YEAH!

(I will be putting the advantages and disadvantages in a powerpoint and then sending that and my references to charlene. I'm hoping I will have enough time for all this wonderful information, but I will be practicing it, and if not there is some stuff I can cut out! Cheers-Steph)

Hello, I will be taking you on a tour of ALOHA LIBRARY. This community was created to showcase how a library might utilize livejournal.

In the community profile there is a lot of information about the basics of Aloha Library. The last time it was updated, basic information, such as location, an about section, interests, administrators, and members. Included in the about section, is an important announcement about tags for each post.

The categories represent sections or points of interest for our library and are included in the tag of each post for easy reference. Not everyone can check their livejournals daily and these tags make it easier to search for a post related to these categories.

Now I will take you to the Aloha Library Journal.
We chose to run this community like it is a real library. There are posts, borrowed from various libraries, announcing programs and events
*such as the books-by-mail program or the homework help center

Library related posts from community members, and miscellaneous information, from personal accounts to new technology.
*such as PageZipper, a tool that eliminates having to click next when viewing results on webpages

You can also click on the title of the journal entry to view it on a separate page. At the bottom of the entry you can see the Tags I mentioned before and to the left of the entry there is a list of tags recently used at ALOHA LIBRARY. Which will take you to a list of posts using those tags.

As you can see there is an array of information and posts in Aloha Library, which is representative of social networks and libraries in general.

(Switch to POWERPOINT)
Livejournal is not only a blogging tool but a social networking site, as shown by the communities. There are many advantages to this social networking tool as well as disadvantages:

Some advantages are:
+It can be used by both the web savvy or new internet users.
+Privacy settings allow for communication and privacy flexibility such as filtering posts and making comments optional.
+There are many tight knit communities for interests of all kinds.
+You can search the school directory for users or communities related to your school at http://www.livejournal.com/schools

Some disadvantages to using livejournal are similiar in all blogging and social networking websites.
Such as:
-Blogging and sharing on the internet can cause interactional tension. Users are torn between privacy and connectings with others, blending social contacts and different self-presentations to different groups.
-Also, livejournal tends to push users to explore and learn by doing, not giving much guidance past FAQ's.

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Profile, just in case!

I'm not sure if it would be covered in the introduction or technical aspects but we should definitely show the difference between your profile and your journal within livejournal.