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Metting April 7th Chat Summary

April 7th Chat Summary


Chat Summary

Team Aloha

April 7, 2009


Ann on vacation, back in CA tomorrow


Summer classes?

Stephanie     Yes, choosing from long list

Ann                Yes, 2, but harder because shorter time

Stephanie     Internet connection funky today

Candice coming? Haven’t heard.

Charlene: PPT emailed. Not done, but want you to critique it. Not sure how to load power point.

Stephanie: tomorrow day for working on presentation; consolidate PPTs, one PPT for team, blend 2.

Web Shot, or Title Slide

“Jeannette C”

Edit Title Page: Tour, Adv . & Dis. 2 separate lines

Run Through

*Charlene PPT timeline, history, title page, Table of Contents, Introductory slide

*Ann: Communities

 Informative: ex. Library lovers

 Library Discussion: library grrls

       Library school or work issues

 Unique Sites: Overheard at the Library

        Snippets of conversations


        No complaints about patrons or coworkers

Complaining: MoFu

         àoffensive title

        Offer option to search for other library communities on their own

?          Are the transitions part of the time for presentation?


Stephanie finish PPT presentation and send to everyone.


Enough content for Aloha Library?

            Announcements, posts

Ann’s adopt a book

Educators’ Appreciation Day at Borders

Bought Books

Back to School Night

Parents could buy books and donate to Library

Commemorative plate in book

Roles on Title Page more clearly spelled out?

Word Doc: What’s in slides

Next Meeting: Run Thru: Fri. Apr. 10th 3:30 pm      Email slides to Yolanda that night.