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Charlene's Soc Networking LJ Script

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Charlene Bailey


Table of Contents


wheatgrl 1                               A.K.A.   Charlene Bailey                                          Introduction



dragonf3athers                      A.K.A.   Candice Blate                                  Technical Aspects



a_mclink                                A.K.A.   Ann McCann                                              Communities



sjeannettec                            A.K.A.   Stephanie Chavez                      Tour of Aloha Library



wheatgrl 1           A.K.A.   Charlene Bailey              Introduction: History and Comparison


Social Networking Timeline

1971  Ray Tomlison invents email  connecting to computers outside a single enterprise

1973  First group chat program

1975  First mailing list, call MsgGroup, stated by Department of Defense

1979  USENET newsgroups created

1991  Tim Berners-Lee post "World-Wide Web: Executive Summary to USENE T Group

1992  Berners-Lee creates his "What's New?" page, arguably the first blog

1999  LiveJournal and Blogger launch

2000  Wikipedia, an open collaborative wiki encyclopedia project, goes live

2003  LiveJournal and Friendster pass 1 million accounts

           LinkedIn, social network focused on business professionals, secures Series A  financing of $4.7 million

            MySpace, social network focused on music and entertainment, launches

2004  Social Networking Metalist (SocialSoftware.BlogsInc.com) lists more than 200     different social networking systems.

2006  Google acquires YouTube, video social network, for a stock transaction of $1.65 billion



— “Russian Firm Buys LiveJournal” Dec., 2008

— “As part of the deal, SUP will create an American management company, LiveJournal Inc., to manage the social network's operations.

—  SUP will also form an advisory board that includes Brad Fitzpatrick, LiveJournal's founder who now works for Google.

— Though its biggest user base is the United States, LiveJournal has become exceedingly popular in Russia, finding about 28 percent of its audience there.

—  Last year, SUP struck a licensing deal with Six Apart to manage LiveJournal.ru, the site's Russian component.”


“media convergence”

— Tim Berners-Lee,

— British computer scientist

—  creator of the World Wide Web

— focus on commerce was misplaced

— Core design principle of Internet:

— Offered people to interact with one another

— Collaborations, content creators in their own right

Leading Web 2.0 Sites:

— Flickr (photography)

— Wikipedia (online encyclopedias

— YouTube (videos)


Blogs and Profiles:

— Blogs:

— Blogger

— Live Journal

— Technorati

— Personal Profiles:

— My Space

— Facebook

— Friendster

— Bebo


Title Pages


dragonf3athers   A.K.A. Candice Blate      Technical Aspects: Learning to Use Features



a_mclink        A.K.A.   Ann McCann                                                           Communities: Tour

      A.K.A.   Stephanie Chavez                                  Tour of Aloha Library

sjeannettec                                                                                  Advantages & Disadvantages


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