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This is a community for the members of the San Jose State University MLIS Program.

Teams will “showcase’ this tool in terms of current or possible library utilization and/or potential use. Each team of THREE will have NINE(9)minutes for their presentation and Q&A; Team of four will have 12 minutes + Q&A.

ALL TEAMS will Create a blog, wiki, video, You Tube clip, PowerPoint, website, web tour, MP3 audio, MySpace page, Facebook page, 2nd Life World, podcast etc. for your presentation on ELLUMINATE.

1. attach a written document Name of Presentation and names of team members. Provide their respective Elluminate presentation roles from start to finish for each and every team member. Be specific and give details for each team member. You may have a team leader, technical advisor, production staff, editor, moderator,etc. Be real clear with providing information on the role of each TEAM member in terms of what she/he did with entire project. Give specifics including tasks, time allotment or percentage by team member. Sample tasks include: Brainstorming/planning;decision making/consensus development;research;data collection; editing; write a portion of a report or assemble the report; check drafts and data for compliance with assignment requirements; act as backup for facilitator or specialist. See SAMPLE TEAM STATEMENT FORM link below.This must be attached to assignment as a file or link.
EACH team member must take part in each Elluminate presentation for at least 3 minutes.

2. in Elluminate, all animations and transitions are lost in PPT's that they upload? One of my students had a lovely full-featured PPT and was disappointed when she learned
how it would work in Elluminate. I want to emphasize all the other kinds of motion and interactivity that can be used within Elluminate such as the laser pointer and
having students add content to a slide. Either of my student aides or the drop-in center staff will assist you.

3. Communication among Team Members(phone calls, emails, text messaging, Blackboard chats,elluminate meetings,-establishing a process is critical.

Select a secretary to keep notes of all meetings and centralize all drafts. Always focus on the goal of the assignment. Respect each other.Come to meetings prepared to discuss tasks and agenda items. Set time lines. Team members are responsible to team-the team is not responsible to team members. When the team waits for team members who are not responding, the team suffers. Be flexible. Contact the instructor early to help facilitate team process if a problem does occur.

Teams will be graded on their creativity, originality, research, in-depth knowledge of topic, technical prowess and academic content.