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Last Practice Meeting

Friday, April 10 @ 3:30.
Check Angel for the link...


Part of my Presentation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Livejournal
             -Interactional Tension (shout to the wind)
             +Communication/privacy flexibility (open source blog platform...), filter posts, optional comments.
             +Blogging tool and a social networking site (social blogging)
             -lacking web 2.0 functionality (social blogging), little guidance past FAQ's
             +for both newbies and the web savvy (Social Blogging). You can customize blogs from preset layouts or enter your own html.
             +tight knit communities (structure and evolution of blogspace). various communities for various interests, that bring people with simliar interests together. (exploded library)
              +schools directory http://www.livejournal.com/schools/
               +searching livejournal through  http://www.ljseek.com/

Showcasing Aloha Library
              Categories, tagging
              Anyone can post, librarians can moderate/edit


Is there any easy way to "mark" a community in LJ of which I'm not a moderator?  For example, when I click on my communities, this and our Aloha Library pop up.  But I've marked 3/4 others that show up on my friends page that I'll use for our presentation, but there's not an easy way to click on them unless I go directly to my friends page.  Does that make sense?  
I know I'll be able to open LJ and then have each site open as different tabs, but I'd think there would be an easier way to navigate to those sites...
Any suggestions? 


Inserting Media

You can also insert media to the journal.  When you post an entry, click on the little CD icon in the edit box, and then enter the embed profile for the video(this is found next to the video on the site you got it from, like Youtube).

Meeting Date...Ack!

So I completely forgot that I have Open House from 5-8:30 on Tuesday the 31st.  Is it possible to do Wed instead ?  I can't remember if someone said they have a commitment on Wed or not.  Thoughts?  Sorry for mix-up, guys. Didn't have it on my calendar for schoolwork.... 

Cut Tag

I tried to follow the directions from the FAQ (#75) for the cut tag, but it didn't work, putting the chat summary as a link. What I did was click onthe rich text box at the top right of the post tool bar. Next I hit the <lj-cut> button on the tool bar (it looks like text of paragraph with a squiggly line under it). I typed in the dialog box that popped up Team Aloha Chat March 9 th. Should I have used the HTML tab instead? Can someone give me some input?

March 9th Summary

Aloha Team!
            Attached are the March 9th Chat (full) and summary. CSB


Team Aloha Chat Summary March 9thCollapse )</div>



Notes from Monday 2/23

Format: Application share, powerpoint

12 minute presentation, 3 minutes each, tentative duties

Person 1 (Charlene): Introduction to LJ, comparison with other social networking sites
Person 2 (Candice): technical aspects, learning to use all the features
Person 3 (Anne): web tour, communities
Person 4 (Stephanie): tour of aloha library, advantages and disadvantages of use

-posts resemble one long thread. there are no categories that one can post under, the viewer has to scroll the list of posts.
-comments are hard to see right away

Aloha Library posts will reflect how a library would use LJ:

-discussions of a general library nature

Next meeting: Tuesday 3/31 at 8pm
-reference services


Meeting reminder

7:00, Monday the 23rd.  Check Angel for the link.